About Solaris System- The Team

Founded back in 2012 by a 5-person team of passionate great players in this field, Solaris System has expanded to a over 20 employees since then.

The strength of the Solaris System management team stem from combined expertise in management, technical and customer service. Its core professionalism has resulted in the formation of adaptable goals designed to take on the ever-changing demands of the e-commerce industry through its globalization of products and services.

In today's environment of increased competition, disruptive market dynamics and the convergence of telecom, media and other industries, technology leaders must adapt and capitalize on new opportunities, anywhere in the world. The underlying dynamics of software development have changed, and today's clients demand world-class design, better user experiences, and more functionality for lesser cost. At the same time, developing a product that fits constantly changing market demands is increasingly complex and challenging.